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Cynthia T. Scorpio

                Transsexual Dame

Intimate Companion and Erotic Consultant

                      About Me



I could tell you that I’m a transsexual companion and dominatrix in the Seattle/Tacoma area. However, I can tell you so much more. I started out as a small town girl from the western slopes of the Rockies. Life has made me more intricate, but my simple background will always stay with me.


I graduated from the University of Washington. There I studied psychology and sociology, spending most of my time in classes that dealt with human sexuality. I have always been fascinated with human desires, both for the simple elements that sustain our intimate connections with one another and the more taboo aspects of the fetish BDSM world.


I’m here to discuss these things, to help guide you if you need guidance. For this reason I consider myself a keeper of secrets. That is my true service to you. You already know some of my own secrets. You know that a few tattoos are concealed under my blouse and skirt. You know that something else is concealed there as well. You know that despite being quiet and reserved I have a taste for adventure and intimate connections. So don’t be afraid to trust me with your secrets. What is shared between us will be kept between us.


And know that if BDSM is not a subject you enjoy that is fine with me. I enjoy discussing the more basic topics of human intimacy just as much.





Here you will find some of my thoughts on a variety of subjects. Consider it a way for you to get more familiar with who I am.


Erotic Photography On the Go

As you may know, I do enjoy erotic photography. I have recently found a new electronic magazine called Exposures. It is a bi-monthly publication that is dedicated to female nudes. Looking through their first issue I see mostly photographs. But they do allow the artists to include videos and other forms of presentation as well.

There are several artists featured in issue #1, but I wanted to comment on Nausher Banaji’s work. Here his work features female nudes in either rustic or scenery settings. I especially like the scenery settings. They are not just a beautiful naked woman on the beach, in the forest, or wherever else. He captures the images in a manner that make these women a part of the natural landscapes. They fit in as if they belong to the landscapes instead of just posing in front of the landscapes.


If think that the nude female body is a work of art as well as something to fuel your carnal desires I definitely recommend taking a look at Exposures.





Hey fellow wine lovers, I just wanted you to know that I just started using the Vivino wine app. You can find me there under the name Cynthia Scorpio or by using my email Feel free to follow me or send me a friend request there. I look forward to sharing our thoughts on wine.





Policy on Reviews

Every escort has a different policy on reviews. Initially they seem like a good way to get attention. But still yet, I always stopped short of encouraging reviews.


You see, one of the most valuable things that I offer you is discretion. Whatever we talk about, whatever activities we enjoy while we are together, I will never disclose to anyone. I offer this level of discretion because I realize that what we discuss, and even the act of spending a few hours with a transsexual woman, is a sensitive issue in our society. This is especially true when that woman is an escort or a dominatrix. So like your priest, or your doctor, you can rest assured that anything you share with me is done so in the strictest of confidence , and will not be divulged to anyone else.

I realized that to offer that level of discretion while encouraging you to talk about our time together in an online review is a contradiction. So I won’t.


I will even go one step further and ask you to be discrete as well. If you want to recommend me, to tell someone that you enjoyed your time with Cynthia T. Scorpio, please do. But please, keep the details between us. Besides, the time I spend with you is unique. Just because I share a conversation or activity with you does not mean I will share it with someone else.





Polka Dots

I love anything black with white polka dots. Shoes, dresses, blouses, bikinis, you name it. If it’s black with white polka dots, it makes me rub my thighs together in that special way. It instantly invokes the 50’s in a classy, innocent, fun, and sexy feel. It makes me want to laugh, to repose with a smile dimpling my cheeks and enjoy myself.


Think of that image. A transsexual escort like myself dressed in polka dots, a pin up girl the likes of which they never imagined back then. Here to pamper and please my man like every good girl in the 50’s did.

Or maybe you need a firm hand? A 1950’s style dominatrix set to punish a bad boy certainly has its appeal.

Ah, all the things polka dots send scampering through my mind





Mortality, Experiences, and Regrets

Being reminded that we are mortal can have a profound effect on a human being. It doesn’t even need to be a near death experience. It just has to be something that reminds us that we are not going to live forever. It gives people the motivation to change their lives. A woman may decide to pursue her dreams of being artist while quitting the medical school that her parents wanted her to go to. A transsexual may open up to her family about whom she feels she really is.


It’s not always such huge changes though. Sometimes it’s as simple an experience. Everyone got something, that one thing that they always wanted to do. Maybe you wanted to see the Grand Canyon, or learn how to play a musical instrument. Or maybe you want to know what it feels like to share a few tender hours with a transsexual escort.  Maybe you’ve got a thing for fetish an spending a few hours surrendering your will and your worries to a dominatrix is something you’ve always wanted to do.


Maybe those experiences are not so simple. What is life? Is it a collection of experiences all assembled to form the memories of where each of us has been? I think so. Regardless of what I think, there is one thing that I know. The only things that I have ever truly regretted are the things that I haven’t done. Some of them were things that I wanted to do. Some of them were things that I know I should have done. Either way, it’s the not doing them that I regret. Because if I had done them I would have different experiences, different memories.


How about you? What do you want to do? What do you want to experience?




Power Pose

The geek in me loves to watch TedTalks on Netflix. I started with their collection on space and the solar system and was addicted to them from there. The first episode in the collection of the Life Hacks is about body language. It wasn’t about how others respond to our body language, it was about how our own body language affects us individually.

In their research they had people stand or sit in what they called power poses for two minutes. These are positions where you basically spread out and expand your body. You know the drill, chest out, arms spread wide or the hands placed on the hips. Just think of any pose Superman or Wonder Woman might stand in on the front of a comic book and that’s a power pose.

Just two minutes of these poses raised an individual’s testosterone levels about 20% and lowered cortisol (the stress hormone) by about 25%. They were focused on how this can make a person more open and proactive over all.  And they are right, being more open, secure and confident can make you more successful.

But me being me, I started thinking about other aspects of a 20% raise in testosterone. It is the hormone responsible for the sex drive in both men and women. So isn’t it logical to hypothesize that power poses and a 20% increase in testosterone will also give an individual a spike in their sex drive?

As a transsexual I am on female hormones. I balance them so that I can enjoy myself in intimate encounters while still maintaining a feminine body. As a dominatrix I naturally take on a lot of power poses. Doing so does give me an extra thrill of arousal. It also makes me a better escort when I spend time with those of you who are more interested in my softer side. It is enjoyable to engage with someone who is confident an open. That allows me to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are in my presence. Me being comfortable and relaxed will help you to be comfortable and relaxed.  At that point two people can really connect and enjoy being with one another. And it doesn’t hurt if they have a testosterone driven surge in the libido.

Now if you enjoy BDSM and enjoy being submissive you might be wondering if power poses are right for you.  They lower your stress hormone, they give your sex drive a bonus. Both of these things are good for you. The heightened sex drive will just make it that much easier for me to tie you up in knots, and everyone can deal with a little less stress in their lives.  Will it make you feel more powerful? Sure, but you will still have that need to submit to me.  As an escort I’d rather spend my time with a man who is relaxed, confident, and highly responsive. As a dominatrix I like these same traits. I’d get much more of a charge from having a king kiss my shoes then I would get from having his timid servant kissing them.

So if you think of yourself as a dominant and want to spend some time with me for a girl friend experience why not do a few power poses before you head over. If you’re submissive and you need to serve the dominatrix within me you should also do a few of those poses. I will certainly being doing a few of them before you get here.



Poses of Submission

I’ve been thinking of how submissive poses fit in with the power poses I discussed earlier. Remember power poses were open and spread out. Powerless poses were the opposite. In a powerless pose someone curls up, hunches his shoulders, crosses his or her arms across the chest or maybe covers his throat with his hand. These poses are all about being smaller, closed off, and protected.


A submissive pose is quite different from the powerless pose and actually has more in common with the power pose.  If you are with an escort and she is being submissive to you, say kneeling so that she can service you, she will have a straight back with her shoulders held out. After all, someone kneeling before you with her shoulders hunched and her back curled up isn’t arousing. So the pose is not a powerless one.


Or maybe you’re submissive and turning yourself over to a transsexual dominatrix. One common pose you may find yourself in is secured to a Saint Andrew’s Cross. This is usually a power pose used to indicate victory, legs spread wide with the arms thrown up in a V. So it is a powerful pose. But the bondage transfers that power to the dominatrix. And of course you’d better have good posture no matter what pose she tells you to take. So you will never be in a powerless pose. Because such poses always include bad posture.


So it doesn’t matter if the submissive pose is taken during time spent with a gentle adoring lover, or demanded by strict dome during BDSM. It will be about trust. It will open you up and expose you, you’re vulnerabilities laid bare before the person you adore. Because with them you are secure.





First let me say that gifts are not a requirement and are never expected. Still, you may be thinking of presenting me with a small token that represents your thanks for an enjoyable evening spent in my company. So you may be wondering what might be appropriate. That being said here are a few notes to remember on gifts.

I love receiving flowers. However, if I keep them in my home it will only be about 2 or 3 hours before I can no longer breathe. So if you bring me flowers, and then come back to see me a few days later, don’t be surprised to see them out on my balcony instead of inside my living room. It’s not that I don’t like them; it’s just that my allergies will not let me keep them inside with me.

Wine can also be a good choice. If you do decide to present me with a bottle I feel better about receiving bottles of wine that have twist off caps. I enjoy removing the corks. But if I don’t know you very well just yet, I will feel more comfortable with the seal on a bottle of wine that has a twist off cap. That being said, I’m partial to pinot nior in the evening and chilled rose wines on a hot afternoon.

If you’re looking for something a little less conventional a length of rope from is always a nice token for a transsexual dominatrix. They are a local business here in the Seattle/ Tacoma area.  Just be warned, if you give me a length of rope I just might use it to tie you up.

Another option that may appeal to the dominatrix in me might be a gift certificate for But once again, be warned that I just might use it to procure something to torture you with.

If you’re interested in pampering the escort in me, a gift card from Sephora or Victoria’s Secret would also work well. If you`re feeling especially generous a gift voucher from would certainly impress me. And I would use any such gift to make myself more alluring and tantalizing to you. So our time together will end up being even more electrical.

If you want to choose something more personal than a gift card my measurements are; hip 38, waist 28, and bust 34 b.

But as I stated in the beginning, gifts are not expected or required. With or without a gift I will provide you with a relaxing evening that caters to everything you need.


Shemale, Transsexual, Transgender, what should I call you?

Ah, the big question you so often ask, what should you call me.  Well let’s start by eliminating the obvious. I identify as a woman, take female hormones, and live my life everyday as a woman. That means that terms like crossdresser or transvestite do not describe me since both CD’s and TV’s refer to men who identify as men. For them dressing up is a fetish, or perhaps a relaxing way to spend some of their time. But in the end, they are happy being men. For me, I’m not dressing up, it’s not a fetish, I’m simply dressing and presenting as who I am.

So what’s left? Transgender is technically correct, but not much use. You see it is a term that applies to a lot of different people and is not at all specific. If I asked you what kind of car you drove you wouldn’t answer by telling me that you drove a vehicle. Because the term vehicle applies to a great many things but gives me no specifics. Instead, you would give me a make and model, maybe even tell me the year if you thought that was an important part of differentiating your car.

And then there is the term shemale. If you’re using the term shemale then chances are that the only place you’ve seen girls like me are on porn sites or maybe talking to escorts. Because, if you’ve spent any time around transsexuals who are not in porn or escorting you would learn right away that most of us find the term offensive. Shemale is a porno term and using it to refer to transsexual women would be like using the term whore to refer to women who were female at birth. The truth is, even women who escort will often take offense at being called a whore.  In the same manner a great many transsexual escorts, porn stars, and dominatrices also don’t like the term. But we do let you use it because it’s a common vernacular. We know that you’re out there running web searches for shemales, so we include the term so that you can find us.

My personal feelings on the word shemale are that it is a crude term. So I don’t like it from that stand point. I’m here to offer you an elegant, sensual experience by being in my company. I think the term shemale detracts from being elegant and sensual. So it just doesn’t work for me on any level.

Transsexual is ok. It’s not going to offend me. Although it does sound a bit clinical, not very exciting. But why do you have to call me any of these things? If you’re reading this, then it’s already a given that you are interested in spending time with a unique lady such as myself. Simply referring to me as a lady, or a woman will put you firmly in my good graces.



Auto Erotica

I find myself wanting to make some comments on self pleasure, on auto erotica. When I think of auto erotica I don’t just think of something as simple as mere masturbation. It’s more than just stimulating your own genitals until you are rewarded with an orgasm. Auto erotica is about taking your time and exploring your own body.


You can trail a finger down the inside of your thighs, caress the side of your ribs. A soft touch on the side of my ribs always heightens my senses and makes my breath quicken. What other areas of your own body might do the same for you? A little time dedicated to self exploration might find similar areas of indulgence for you. And it’s always a good thing to know your own body. So take some time to relax and build your heart rate up slowly and learn everything about just what sparks lightening in your blood veins.  Be passionate with yourself when you indulge in yourself.


And then, when you lay down with a partner, dedicate the same passion and patience in learning what sets that person on the edge of bliss. Do that, and you will be a masterful lover, both to yourself, and those you embrace.



Sex Object

I am a sex object and I expect to be treated like one. My photo’s are designed to be seductive. They are here to pull you in and stimulate your mind. I am an escort if that is your desire. I am a dominatrix if you need to serve. These statements reinforce my pictures. I am a transsexual woman, and all of these details are meant to show you that my sexuality is a key part of my life, a key part of who I am. I enjoy sex in all its variance, men, women, kinky or just good old fashion connections. And I expect you to respond to me accordingly.


But remember, I am more than just a sex object. I love to take photo’s. If you’ve read my writings you may have also figured out that I love to write. Words are amazing, I love everything about them. And like most people who enjoy writing, I adore sitting down with a good book. I love cars, especially old cars. I can change a tire if I need to, heck, I can tear an engine apart and put it back together if I need to. I can ride a motorcycle. I have a B.A. from the University of Washington where I studied a combination psychology and sociology. All of these points are just a fraction of what I am in addition to being a sex object.


Keep that in mind. I am a human being and being a sex object is a part of that. But remember that I am more than that. And as such I will respond so much better to you if you demonstrate how classy you can be. Classy is sexy. Classy is arousing. Remember donations are for my time only. Nothing else is promised. If you are crude you won’t even get my time. But if you’re classy and treat me like I am the whole package….  That’s the way I love to be treated. That kind of treatment will make me want to take very good care of you.




There is the great little ice cream parlor here in Port Orchard that sells homemade ice cream and chocolates. This ice cream is wonderful, and yet I never want to eat as much of it in one sitting as I could a typical ice cream bought from a super market. I think that’s because this ice cream has more substance. A typical name brand ice cream has a good flavor, but as soon as I finish one spoonful the flavor is gone. If I want the good feelings I have to eat more.


But the flavor from this ice cream at the ice cream parlor, its got more presence. Even after you finish a spoonful the taste lingers on your tongue, rich and satisfying. I eat a little bit of it and it stays with me, not just the flavor, but the feeling that I’ve eaten something substantial and filling.


And it all comes back to that word, satisfaction. Anyone can make a food, a product, or an experience that is good. The real accomplishment is to provide someone with something that leaves them feeling satisfied. Sure, a lot of people use a business model that operates on making something that’s good, but never satisfying. That way people just keep pursuing and consuming it. They indulge and indulge but never reach the point of satisfaction because the experience isn’t designed to give them satisfaction. They stop eating the potato chips not because they are satisfied, but because the bag is empty.  It’s designed to keep them chasing the satisfaction that isn’t there.


I can’t say that I like that brand of doing things. It doesn’t seem right to have you chasing what you can never have. I believe that if I offer you satisfaction, if I leave you sated, you will remember that feeling of wholeness. When you get that craving again, because no matter how many times you satisfy a craving they always come back, you’ll remember where you found your satisfaction the last time.


Providing satisfaction requires quality ingredients, a sense of craftsmanship, attention to detail and pride in one’s work. The combination provides an experience that you will always remember.




I know you’re nervous,  and a little bit excited too. You follow my words. Each one is placed here for you. Your gaze lingers on my photos. Each one was taken to appeal to your eyes. I’m letting you see me. I’m talking to you so that you can get to know me a little bit better.


I’m giving you a sense of what it will be like to sit down next to me. You will be close enough to enjoy the scent of the soap that I use, the soft smell of cherry blossoms. You will be close enough to reach out and touch my smooth skin, to let your fingers trace its expanse. You will be able to feel the warmth of my body heat as you look into my gaze.


You will still be nervous and excited while you sit so close. You will wonder if I can hear the beat of your heart driving your desires.  So many desires, they flood your mind when you look at me. Maybe you see an exotic transsexual escort, someone who can be your devoted adoring girl friend. Or maybe it’s a demanding dominatrix who must be worshipped. So many possibilities, but only one of these desires keeps rising in your mind. It’s an image that comes to you again and again throughout the day, the last thought that touches your mind before you slip off to sleep.


How long can you only watch from a distance? An experience desired but never indulged is a lifelong regret. You know that. I know that. But I’m here for you, so close to Seattle you can be indulging that desire in a short time. I’m here waiting for you, wondering when you will cross the threshold of my door.



Eye Contact

I look into your eyes. It creates an instant connection. No barriers, no uncertainties, no undue friction and no place to hide. There are only your eyes and mine. I have no shame, no reason to try and evade your gaze. So go ahead, look at me. See me as an escort, an exotic transsexual companion for your desire. But know, I’m looking right back at you. My eyes take their time; they see everything you bring, everything that burns within you.



Real Job

Do you have a real job? I often get asked this question. And to be fair the person asking usually gets a slightly awkward look on their face as they realize that the question doesn’t sound quite right. They don’t mean to belittle what I do, they just want to know if I have some other more mundane day job.


The truth is I take what I do very seriously. Being an escort and a transsexual dominatrix is a time consuming business venture with several facets.


The transsexual escort field is one that is flooded with fakes, people who post someone else’s photos in their advertisement s in a hope of luring someone in and getting their money while they are still excited enough to let their genitals do the bargaining despite the fact that the person they are looking at bears no resemblance to the person that is supposed to be standing in front of them. This means I can’t simply post ads with my pictures. I have to go further to demonstrate that I am the real person that you see in the images I provide. I can do this to some degree by holding up a hand written sign with my name and number. But I have to do more than that. A real person should have a great deal of content. It’s easy to make a fake profile with a dozen stolen photo’s and 500 characters worth of text. But a real person needs more than that to reflect them. A real person needs a website, lots of photographs and lots of writing. So a blog is needed as well. Both of which should feature a steady stream of updates.


Some people do this easily. But I’m the type that doesn’t like to share my thoughts with the world at large, a private person who likes to share only with a few select people. So the website and the blog are great exercises in sharing for me. I paid to have my website constructed and hosted. However, I’m the one who writes the content for it. I had to learn just how search engine optimization works so that I can optimize my website so that it can be found. I’m happy to say my rankings are improving at a steady rate.


And of course providing content isn’t simple. The writing is easy enough. But the photos are more difficult. I could pay a professional photographer. But at the rate I want to continue to update my content that would get expensive. So instead I take my own pictures. I started out with a cheap point and shoot. I would set it in place with the timer on and then run to take my position before the shutter opened its gaze for a split second. Then I moved up to a basic dSLR camera, a tripod and a wireless remote. Since then I’ve been learning about photography. I know how to set the shutter speeds and aperture, and ISO settings to take my photo’s under varying light conditions. I know how to set up my photo’s composition, something that is much harder to do from in front of the camera than it is to do from behind it where you can actually see what the composition is when you snap the photo.


And of course I have to have an image. A transsexual dominatrix can present certain images. A transsexual escort can present many more. As someone who is both, what is the ideal image for me? What side of myself do I want people to see? My elegant side, that’s what I want you to see. I’m not just going to tell you that I’m upscale. I’m going to show you by demonstrating my class via the items that I wear, the pose that I strike.


So I know about advertising, crafting just what parts of my personality and imagery of my own body and features I want to share. I’ve learned how to take a descent photograph with a dslr camera. And I can optimize a website so that it can get its fair share of traffic. Any one of those three things could be considered a job in and of itself. But I’m not done there.


Because after all that, you call to set an appointment. I answer any remaining questions you have and we agree on a time. Customer service is an important part of any business.


Finally you knock on my door. I’ve had to be professional throughout everything else. Now I get to enjoy myself. Now I can simply be the escort you want to cuddle and spend time with. Now I can give you that spanking you’ve needed from a transsexual dominatrix. Now I get to connect with you. It’s an intimate service, but some of the best services you can provide are of the more intimate variety. And just because they are intimate doesn’t make them any less real.


So do I have a real job? Yes, I have several real jobs. And you are welcome to enjoy my services any time you are in the Tacoma / Seattle area.



Taking My Pictures

Lately I’ve been more inclined to post photos instead of text. Since I’ve started working as a professional companion I’ve been taking my own photos. Before this I never thought much about taking pictures of me or anything else, but seeing the images I’m able to produce has changed that. Most of what I do is simple, me, a tripod, and a point and shoot camera on a ten second timer. Yet the pictures I’ve managed to take with these restrictions have me wondering what I could do with an SLR camera, a bit more knowledge of photography, and someone else as the subject of my fetish photos. I may have to find some informative books on the subject and look into exploring photography on a deeper lever.




Being a professional transsexual dominatrix is providing an interesting viewpoint of the different niches sex workers occupy, especially transsexual sex workers. I should state right away that my definition of a sex worker includes anyone who offers a service that is sexual in nature that may or may not include prostitution. In short, there are many professions that do not have sexual intercourse with their clients that I still consider to be sex workers.


 Most transsexuals in the sex industry are in pornography or they escort. Transsexual porn is an interesting topic. I’m a fan of erotic art; I think Bettie Page was one classy dame who was a self empowered icon. I enjoy modern fetish photography as well. I just wish it was easy to find the transsexual equivalent. While some mainstream porn images of transsexuals can be classy it always seems as if the priority of the photographer is getting someone off as opposed to shooting something artistic that can get someone off.


I would like to see more images of transsexuals by photographers like Christine Kessler. Better yet, I’d like to see images of transsexuals photographed by transsexuals. I think there is a real need for transsexual women to take hold of our own erotic image. In the main stream media transsexual women who still have their original genital configuration are still portrayed mostly as freaks. There are little to no examples of the transsexual woman being portrayed as a beautiful, erotic creature in a way that transsexual women as a whole can connect with.


Sure, there is porn. But your average transsexual woman can’t identify with porn that is largely made by men and marketed to men. In the same manner that lesbians, gays, and female to male transsexuals have all stepped forward and made their own porn for their own communities, male to female transsexuals need to do the same thing. And while there is room for some of that to be explicit and hardcore, much of it should be artistic, captured by an artist’s eye that finds beauty in the pre-op transsexual woman’s form.  And to give men credit, I think many of those who enjoy transsexual porn today are also capable of admiring more artistic erotic artwork featuring the ladies they are enamored with and not just the crude, hardcore images that currently dominate the internet.


It is not uncommon to find a professional dominatrix that is also a fetish model. The interests overlap nicely, allowing a fetish model to become a professional dominatrix or a professional dominatrix a model. At the very least when you find the website of a professional dominatrix you usually find images that were taken in a professional photo shoot to promote her on her site.


While I take most of my own photos, I try to capitalize on this and produce what I want to see produced. I’d like my images to be that of a strong confident transsexual woman who is secure and proud of her body. That is one of the reasons I tend to post more images than text on this blog. Perhaps in the future I can do more of the modeling I wish to see, perhaps other fetish photographers will turn to the transsexual model and focus on her as an object of art. I think the cities of Seattle and Tacoma are a great place to start something like this since they have such large open-minded communities.  Maybe someday transsexual women will have their own version of Bettie Page.


Whoever she turns out to be, I look forward to seeing her. Until then, this is Lady Scorpio, professional dominatrix and amateur model wishing you a good day.



I follow all Federal and Washington state laws. Rates are for legal escort services, including companionship, conversation and consultation.