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Welcome to my internet abode. I'm Cynthia, a transsexual temptress in the Seattle area. I offer both companionship consultation services and dominatrix sessions in my Port Orchard location on the Kitsap Peninsula, just a quick swim from Seattle. You will find I offer more than just companionship. In a world where people just don"t seem to talk about sex, or anything sex related in an rational, mature manner I am here to offer just that. Want to know exactly how certain things work? Have a theory on why certain people are attracted to certain things? I'd love to spend some time debating these things with you. I am certain that if we don"t have an answer we can discover one with a little dialog and research.


Feel free to browse my pages at your leisure to learn more.


Cynthia T. Scorpio

             Transsexual Dame

Intimate Companion and Erotic Consultant



I follow all Federal and Washington state laws. Rates are for legal escort services, including companionship, conversation and consultation.